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0.5 ton electric hoist how to connection
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Single Electric Hoist general volume is not large, and the load is small, general weight under 1 ton, suitable for civilian as well as the assembly line, single electric hoist voltage of 220 v. Single electric 0.5 ton electric hoist wire on their own, find out the main line is in need of winding main problem, the normal single electric hoist motor is regardless of the situation of the main line winding, wiring itself can also on the electric hoist with addition of a small crane. Resistance to change electric hoist motor, if is not clear whether the motor main line winding, need to use the multimeter to test the resistance. Without a multimeter, how to distinguish between winding situation, general motors inside will have three lines, two of them are winding into the thread, and the other is public ends, look carefully at this moment, if both the main line, line winding, the resistance of the two windings into line with the public ends the same size, if the main line winding, main winding line with public backcourt vice winding resistance is greater than the line resistance and public ends. Still have a kind of judgment method, according to the number of the inside of the motor line to distinguish, if motor there are 4 wires, and is the requirement of positive &negative, so is the main line winding, there are 3 wires, if motor so basic need is not the main line winding, from this point of view, it is very good resolution. Single electric hoist can be equipped with wireless remote control, such as two of the same remote control, respectively in two different locations in remote control is feasible, the premise is must in the can control range.
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