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Security Operation Ten Steps 0.5 ton electric hoist
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Safety is the first guarantee of production, regardless of operating machinery, should be within a reasonable range, and each has its unique mechanical methods of operation, Chain Hoists how to protect 0.5 ton Electric Hoist the personal safety and mechanical security? Hand Pull Hoist Handling Precautions what? Following on from the East Machinery tell you how to properly operate hoists to protect your personal safety and property security, safety device method. Comply with the scientific method of operation is to protect the safety of our lives, as well as the first element and property safety. 1 Do not overload the use of chain hoists. Should be within its allowed range of heavy use, overloading not only cause mechanical damage, but can also cause safety hazards, prolonged overload, do not 0.5 ton electric hoist shorten the life of chain hoists, while the security is is an existing Unabomber. 2, chain hoists with non-operating power other than human. Do not look for in order to save Jin away some shortcuts, shortcuts that are produced often these shortcuts, but also lead to the primary factor in the accident, chain hoist is designed to force action under artificially generated, the power to control speaking, easier operation will force people to better grasp and ready to deal with some unexpected factors, if the use of other external operations, not only will cause mechanical damage, but also may cause chain hoists caused due to failure security incidents. 3, chain hoists shall be confirmed prior to use parts intact, transmission parts and lifting chain oiled, idling normal. Operating machinery are the same, before the operation, be sure to carefully check the mechanical performance of each section, there is no problem, after confirmation, go operation to avoid a lot of accidents, most accidents are due to mechanical out a problem which has not been caused by the timely discovery, when we operate hoists, should carefully check the integrity of its performance, and whether aging or wear and tear, and if so, please, and treatment. 4, chain hoists lifting hook before checking whether hanging down firmly. It is also essential to the production process of a job step, directly facing the hook is heavy, if they do not have a hook to hang in prison, you can imagine that, when the job will be what kind of consequences. To be serious and responsible work, every detail should arouse our attention. 5, hoists and other non-heavy hanging at the tip of the wrong operation. Sophisticated load-bearing capacity is much smaller than the design side of the hanging objects, could load 500 kg, and if you put a heavy object on the tip, then it may cause the hook to be straightened condition occurs. Causing accidents, damage the life of institutions. 6, chain hoists lifting chain should be hung vertically, not a wrong twist of chain link, chain under double hook holder shall not overturn. Normal design rules assurance agencies, we use a mechanical most owners should follow. 7, the operator should stand on the same plane with the bracelet round hands to pull the chain to make bracelets wheel rotates clockwise, you can make the weight rise; reverse hands pulled the chain, you can slowly decline. If the station does not, will cause chain hoists deviate from the original route, causing the pulley was stuck or cause some uncertainty accident. 8, chain hoists when lifting heavy objects, strictly prohibited under heavy loads to do any work or walking, in order to avoid personal injury. Under the premise of the proper use of machinery, it should be fully taken into account various factors, for safety reasons, should be sufficient to do security work, paying attention to every detail, one of the essential factors that we produce is safe. 9, chain hoists in the lifting process, regardless of the weight up or down, hands pulled the chain, the force should be uniform and gentle, not too much force, so as not beating the hand chain or clasp. Friction between the weight and tension is relatively balanced, will only result in a sudden release of the chain jumps, leading to the hand chain is jammed happens, will reduce the service life of chain hoists. 10, when the operator is found hand-pull tension greater than normal, you should immediately stop using it. When hand pulling tension greater than normal, it may be the emergence of slot machines or internal damage, should stop using a look inside to check whether the chain hoists there is a problem, and promptly repair or replace the negative.
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