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0.5 ton electric hoist lifting overload is strictly prohibited
2014-01-08 by xiugai
A former heavy weight lifting should be verified, select the appropriate bit of Dayton hoist, lifting overload is strictly prohibited. Prohibit hanging pull buried in the ground or heavy condensation 2, gourd during 0.5 ton Electric Hoist borrow, use one before each use of the hoist must be checked before use to confirm intact. 3, lifting operations should be checked before each hook is hanging down firmly skewed and may not have heavy hook on the hook tip and other undesirable phenomena, lifting chain should be hung vertically, not a wrong twist of chain link, to avoid lifting When the chain jammed, affecting the normal working parts is prohibited by strapping heavy lifting chain. Hanging chain hoists supporting points must be solid, stable, its carrying capacity should the hoist lifting capacity to adapt. 4, the operation should be lifting slowly, until the lifting chain tensioner, and then force a comprehensive inspection of the equipment and weights, paying particular attention to the phenomenon of lifting chain kinks, kink must adjust found by examination without abnormalities may continue operations. 5, the operator should stand on the same plane with the bracelet round hands drag chains, make bracelets wheel clockwise direction, you can make the weight rise; reverse trolling hands chains, bracelets round exit brake blocks, while relaxing ratchet, ratchet claw brake action, heavy to slowly decline, not in the hands oblique drag chains and bracelets round a different plane, avoid twisting the hand chain hoist jammed and 6, in the process of either lifting weights rise or fall, when the drag chain hands, even gentle force should not overexert avoid beating or hand chain clasp. If the operation does not move when you pull found not yank, but can not increase the staff should immediately stop using, identify the reasons for troubleshooting. More than 10 tons (including 10 tons) allowed two gourd hand zipper pull together the remaining small tonnage allows only one person to pull. 7, the operator can not stand the weight above operation jobs, nor will the heavy lifting to stay in the air and left the scene. (Special case given site) 8, the process of lifting heavy weights hover For temporarily, put your hand zip tied on chains; For a long stay, should pad beneath heavy wooden pier, self-locking mechanism to prevent accidental failure of accident. 9, when lifting heavy objects, strictly prohibited under heavy loads to do any work or travel, in order to avoid personal injury. 10, increase or decrease the distance shall not exceed the weight lifting height to prevent damage to the parts. 11, tilt or horizontal use, to reduce the load by 50% use, and pay attention to adjust the direction of the zipper so that conform to the chain direction, to prevent the hand chain zipper or snap off the tank when the level of use, but also in the entrance padded zipper Cheng care chain.
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