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VT type 1 phase hoist works and differentiate the severity
2014-01-19 by xiugai
VT type 1 phase hoist is mainly used steel materials , chain using high quality lifting chain , its perfect hook design ensures a slow increase, to prevent overloading . VT type Chain Hoist hand chain is pulled through , so while driving sprocket rotating ratchet friction plate , brake pressure to rotate with the seat . This means lifting the sprocket teeth on the hole will be driven lifting chains, lifting weights so smooth . Using one-way ratchet friction disc brakes, brake under load on their own , with the ratchet pawl engagement under the action of the spring, the safety brake . This makes the VT type chain hoist chain hoists with many features not found . It also makes safe, reliable , easy maintenance , high mechanical efficiency, small bracelets tension, light weight and portability , smaller size and beautiful appearance , durable features , especially for mines, construction sites , docks , factories and warehouses for installing equipment, lifting goods , especially for open and no power supply, but also demonstrated superiority. VT type chain hoist can also distinguish between heavy and light , VT type chain hoist longest chain can do to get up and then a long 80M theoretically can increase , but to enhance the weight of the chain extended with a corresponding decrease in load . VT type chain hoist chain of " 70 " " 80 " " 100 " different levels of different carrying capacity , the lower the level of the carrying capacity of the worse . VT type chain hoist lifting as a common tool , although simple to use, but must be done prior to use with pre- inspection , not the store , they also should pay attention to maintenance in order to prolong the life of chain hoists .
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