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Acquaintance 1 ton chain hoists
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Chain hoists, my first feeling is a musical instrument, like a Hulusi can play the same instrument. However, in reality, chain hoist is a mechanical device, like a crane hook, employing the power of a 1 ton chain hoists hand-carried device to pull a heavy object, but the power is pulled by hand. I never understood why the call chain hoists, hand chain hoist can be called ah? The original is called a chain hoist is because it's kind of a circular shape like a gourd its name. There is also a name chain hoists not pull one thousand, because the manual does not pull something over 0.5 tons in weight, which is 1000 pounds. Chain hoists main application areas are moving objects a short distance, can be applied in a variety of places inconvenient to use lifting equipment, or in places where there is no power use, which addresses the handling of human waste directly caused numerous human , and in a certain extent, improve the people's labor efficiency, is one of the rare people design Fang Ming. Little things, big use.
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