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What 's very important 1 ton chain hoists to check the safety devices
2014-01-19 by xiugai
Lifting crane safety device to remind you also need to be carefully examined , including overload protection devices protect the load limit limiters position , wind equipment , devices, buffers, and other protective devices after anti- tipping . Overload protection device is sensitive and reliable , meet the design requirements , hydraulic overload protection device opening pressure ; machinery, electronics and integrated overload protection alarm , cut off the power source integrated set point error 1 ton Chain Hoists meets the requirements . The limit position for luffing mechanism limiter major inspection of lifting equipment inspection , lifting mechanism , operating mechanism to achieve the set position can occur from the time the alarm signal , automatically cut off the power source to run the risk of direction ; wind devices for boom root hinge point height greater than 50 m crane anemometer should be checked when the wind speed reaches the set point or operating limit wind speed can accurately alarm . Crane working on the open orbit should check rail clamp , iron shoes , anchor means all parts are deformed , reliability defect and its separate work. Automatic rail clamp should be checked sudden gust of wind devices and carts running brake function with the realization of wind anchor 1 ton chain hoists state non- electrical interlock switch function and reliability . After the anti- tipping device is on the boom and luffing jib type crane should be checked after the anti- dumping system reliability , electrical interlock sensitivity, check the location and magnitude of Change indicator indicates the precision ; buffers for different types of from the weight , the speed of different crane , you should check whether the buffer configured to match and check the integrity of the buffer, run to the ends can simultaneously touch the stopper . Guards need to check on the various types of cranes guard , fence, guard, ladders , etc. are complete and reliable , the crane may cause the exposed wound wounding , open drive ; couplings, sprockets, chains , belts , etc. rotating parts or without protective cover, crane Master walkways, ladders , and may result in the exposed parts without barriers, to meet the requirements . Outdoor electrical equipment shall be provided for cranes rain cover .
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