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Electric hoist triad super function
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Electric Hoist enterprises pursue individual champion is compelling.clients ", tsinghua university, the first generation of postdoctoral, refrigeration expert Zheng Zuyi XianRong said, this is due to the "energy saving", "health" and "mute" itself is difficult to the same "paradox", the higher the electric hoist can effect comparing, the more substantial health function, need air volume is more precise, the more difficult it is to control the resulting noise. Today, chigo "SanChao king" series of electric hoist appeared to make a long plagued the bottleneck of the electric hoist industry get breakthrough, also make the chigo electric hoist ably to avoid price war vortex, will himself into the high-end camp at a stroke, the profit generated by the high technology content products will also be for chigo listed have a positive impact on this year." Health ", "energy saving" and "mute" which one do you choose? Buy electric hoist function can't blame the reality seems to have been accepted by Chinese consumers is helpless. In the market, enlarge as a function of the product is becoming more and more and is relevant to the current popular consumption, but also cause the diversion of consumers. China home appliance association deputy secretary-general Chen Gang said in an interview that China KOIO electric hoist enterprises to change the previous pure pursuit of scale, ignoring the image of the product quality, is required on the core technology, breaking the foreign brand and high-end technology monopoly monopoly. KOIO electric hoist, multiple functions, at the same time means that the electric hoist the high-end consumption. The indications are that there are more and more consumer demand for high-end products, manufacturers also increasingly fierce competition for high-end products. But for technical reasons, the high-end product market share is often dominated by foreign brands. From "individual breakthrough" to "all-around champion", chigo on technology breakthrough, it just adapt to the current consumer demand. Through the "SARS" and "electricity", consumers have learned the basic requirement of the energy efficiency label, also gradually realize the importance of clean air for household subsistence, rational consumption trend, industry will leave a concept "winner-take-all" era. Chigo close to the market, the rate of increase senior technological breakthroughs, energy-saving, healthy and quiet three consumption demands integrated as a whole, will have the effect of integration of consumption.
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