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The choose and buy 1 ton electric hoist of hoisting machinery installation and inspection
2014-01-06 by xiugai
The choose and buy of hoisting machinery installation and inspection 1. The selection of Enterprise when hoisting machinery of choose and buy, must first to the trolley manual of the work, how often, utilization, rated lifting weight factors such as comprehensive consideration, choose suitable crane use requirement within the department level. According to the proposed technical parameters, conducting market research. Selection of supplier, must be have special equipment safety license of professional crane manufacturers. And the sex of factory processing equipment, standardized production, the advanced nature of the product, after compare to choose reasonable price, good quality and 1 ton Electric Hoistexcellent performance, complete safety device of hoisting machinery. When the equipment after the arrival of the goods, unpacking acceptance check random whether technical data is complete, the random spare parts, tools and accessories is consistent with the listing, if there is a damage equipment and accessories, defects, etc., and make out the acceptance record. 2, installation unit selection Hoisting machinery installation team may choose to qualify for the installation of manufacturers, the formation 1 ton electric hoist of manufacture, installation, commissioning one-stop service mode. In addition, the choice of installed units must be has the provincial quality and technical supervision departments issued by the "special equipment installation (maintenance) safety approval certificate of the professional team, and with corresponding weight of installation qualification. Installation unit is determined, before the installation to assist installation unit is dealt with special equipment work-start reports, and check the installation team of the construction organization plan, installation of equipment, installation procedures, technical requirements, concealed engineering acceptance record in the process of installation, the self-check report is in accordance with the requirement. After the installation to supervise installation unit to conduct a comprehensive self-checking and run test, load test, confirmation of qualified self-checking, declare special equipment inspection institutions for installation acceptance. Acceptance and obtained the safe use of license, after can be put into use. After acceptance, unit using crane should be random technical data, installation and inspection report and other relevant technical data archive. In use after the regular inspection, overhaul, modification, accident records also such information shall be deposited in the lifting machinery safety technical files. 3. Use the administrative rules and regulations of hoisting machinery To fully implement the "special equipment safety supervision regulations" and other laws, regulations and vertical drum lifter, through the adoption of a series of technical, economic and organizational management measures, application of advanced scientific management means and methods, to carry on comprehensive management, hoisting machinery to do careful planning, optimizing, the reasonable configuration of choose and buy, accurate installation, correct use and careful maintenance, maintenance, safety production science, periodic inspection, timely modification, timely scrap, etc. The whole process of management. For crane economic life cycle cost, highest efficiency, to ensure the safe operation, promote the development of the enterprise production technology and efficient management.
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