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Industrial weighing technology in 1 ton trolley the application of special hoisting machinery
2014-01-06 by bridgeyanju
Industrial weighing technology in the application of special hoisting machinery 1 ton Trolley, some foreign Vertical lifter pointed out that in recent years, material handling engineering technology is the most vulnerable in the modern industry, the most urgent needs to solve one of the areas, but it is also the most potential, one of the most promising areas, puts forward the material handling technology is the concept of the third profit source. Material handling machinery usually include lifting machinery, transportation 1 ton trolley machinery, loading and unloading, storage, industry, transport vehicles and hydraulic machinery, a total of six categories of products. Called material handling machinery used to lifting transportation machinery in China. Because the hoisting machinery has many varieties, strong function, effect , etc., a leading role in the material handling machinery, material handling 1 ton trolley machinery is the earliest application of weighing technology. Weighing technology in the application of hoisting machinery history: hoisting machinery is a kind of intermittent operation way for lifting and falling material handling equipment and horizontal movement. In order to make the hoisting machinery along with operation of suspended materials weighing, come people on the hoisting machinery assembly weighing device's ideas and desires. Application of hoisting machinery weighing technology has been more than 200 years of history. Located in the city of Munich Bavarian metering station, holds a weighing around 1780 wall of hanging load spring balance; In Hamburg and a 1760 fixed slewing crane jib type, it is equipped with a 1858 decimal scale. In the first half of the 19th century, crane (crane) scale as the name of the "Swedish ship scale" is known. In 1932, with the error of the sling crane scale has been able to achieve any load less than 0.2%, and type approval have been obtained. Since 1986, the first weight limiter, by the end of 2006 to create about 200 million yuan of sales value, and even the national legislative facts have proved that the standard weight limiter not only brought huge economic benefits for manufacturing enterprise, at the same time also 1 ton trolley produced extensive and profound social Webbing sling. At present, large efficient hoisting machinery has developed into a new generation of electric control device fully electronic digital control system, especially the application of modern industrial weighing technology has become a hoisting machinery involved in defining parameters of important material handling process measurement link, is effective to create is the basis and guarantee of the third profit source.
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