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Maintenance and loading hoists Precautions
2014-01-08 by bridgeyanju
In industrial production, we used to 1 ton Trolley, it is a simple manual lifting. A safe, easy maintenance features, in the usual loading process should pay attention to? First, when used up, painted with anti-rust oil, and then stored in a dry place, so to prevent rust and corrosion Chain Hoists. Second, the maintenance and repair organizations who should be more familiar with gourds, gourd with kerosene to clean parts, gear and bearing parts, plus grease lubrication, to prevent the machine performance to understand the principles of free 1 ton trolley disassembly. Third, the surface to be cleaned brake, part-time checks should prevent brake failure, or even fall phenomenon. Fourth, around the sprocket chain hoists lifting roller bearings used in the butter has been pressed adhesion lifting sprocket mounted on the journal bearing inner ring, and then into the wall of the bearing outer ring. In the process of using chain hoists, the center of gravity and make the parts overlap flatbed not overloaded, wide, high, experienced personnel to work by loading the bundled. After the large object with a dedicated connection Φ18.5MM flatbed fixed rope above a flower buckle with M20 bolt and bar down the chain with fixed, track and share flatbed No. 8 wire and then 1 ton trolley, before and after the two tied loading must be twisted when bundled with a multi-strand wire tight to pull its weight to ensure that each strand force uniform. In the course of bundled, tied strictly prohibited wearing parts or can not withstand the binding force above all exposed parts of the mating surfaces, edges and protruding shaft head precision parts to be packaged to protect against collision damage or transportation accidents.
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