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Lifting equipment installation project construction and acceptance specification
2013-12-27 by xiugai
This specification is divided into 12 chapters and four appendices, the main content of the revision has the following aspects: 1. According to the crane manufacturing industry development situation in our country, the applicable scope of the revised type lifting equipment installation specification, adds some new lifting equipment. 2. The original specification is a revision of the 70 s, due to objective conditions, the standardization is still very incomplete. Now lifting equipment manufacturing standards, are mostly adopt international standards and foreign technology of equivalent standard. Therefore, crane equipment installation specification inspection items have significant changes, technical requirements and parameters, such as lifting equipment test run. 3. Lifting equipment installation project need to inspect or review geometric accuracy, give full consideration to the lifting equipment factory, may cause the distortion of the factors such as transportation and storage, through research, investigation and relevant parties came together and determine. So the test items include larger changes. 4. Lifting equipment installation engineering from equipment out a test run full acceptance of work so far. Clear and installation commissioning including load, static load test for load and dynamic load test; And through the experiment, measurement of lifting equipment across camber, cantilever deflection and static stiffness. The test and measurement of lifting equipment normal safe operation are very important parameters; Otherwise, person or equipment accident easily. 5. Increase the hoisting equipment about how accuracy detection methods, measuring tool revised necessary appendices. 6. Nouns, terminology, shape and position tolerance, measure unit according to the existing national standards and the relevant provisions of the lifting equipment manufacturing industry, has great changes.
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