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Optional skill 1.5 ton electric chain hoists
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
1.5 ton Electric Chain Hoists is a tool often see in our daily lives, it is convenient, works alternately with tongs gripping the rope, it requires the use of steel core wire rope core rather than using hemp rope, because 1.5 ton electric chain hoists hemp rope core soft and flexible, in the clamping jaws are easy to loose phenomenon is unsafe. So when choosing chain hoists what skills should be mastered it?
The most important is that a lot of the load from the weight can not exceed, always check the rope for wear phenomenon, broken wires, broken stocks, only to have a replacement would not comply with the rules. First, select chain hoists, to select the appropriate size according to the specifications required specifications can be greater than, smaller die, does not meet the requirements to be replaced immediately.
Second, to see whether there are cracks in the nose, in the course, pay attention to whether there is a housing 1.5 ton electric chain hoists collision.
Third, to check whether the chain is intact, whether the correct length. But also repeated several times during the acquisition chain pull chain, check the chain can slip.
Fourth, look at chain hoists material, generally 80 best, durable, preferably manganese steel.
Fifth, check whether there is anti-counterfeit labels on packaging to prevent posing.
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