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1.5 ton electric chain hoists electric hoist gap with foreign
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
CD1 1.5 ton Electric Chain Hoists widely used in various fields of national economy , and the development in recent years, domestic Wire Rope Hoist is very slow. In the early 1960s to the 1970s , the introduction of the former Soviet Union, TV -type wire rope hoist , in the early 1970s to design a CDl type of 1.5 ton electric chain hoists to replace TV -type wire rope hoist , so far CDl -type wire rope hoist in domestic production manufacture, use has reached 30 years of history. In the meantime, there have been a number of manufacturers to introduce advanced foreign manufacturing technology, but did not get a wide range of application. CD1 Electric Hoist technical level in the domestic developmental delay , the reasons are many, such as lower production , manufacturing standards and supporting mechanical , electrical and 1.5 ton electric chain hoists technical basis of standard parts CD1 electric hoist domestic enterprises ; CDl -type wire rope hoist There are still some market share. In recent years , foreign CD1 electric hoist technology development level quickly. With China's accession to WTO, foreign companies have reached the Chinese market, foreign CD1 electric hoist the impact on the domestic product will grow. Domestic low-cost, low-end products, there is no longer a wide range of markets, users of the products cost more and more attention . Therefore, the domestic wire rope hoist , if not quickly adapt to domestic and international market requirements for product replacement will soon be eliminated. CDl -type electric hoist can be used in the domestic market for nearly 30 years , there are aspects of its success , but in the course of its use has also exposed some problems to improve deficiencies. For example, heavy-duty wire rope hoist deficiencies exist, and fewer varieties , specifications missing , still can not form a more complete and reasonable wire rope hoist products, and a variety of foreign hoist lifting height and lifting speed combination is compared to exist large gap. CDl -type wire rope hoist no working-level division, suited to the actual use conditions , resulting in unreasonable use in most cases . Divided by the level of new work rules , working-level CDl type 1.5 ton electric chain hoists for M3, while working-level range of foreign wire rope hoist can adapt for M3-M6. Structural design CDl type electric wire rope hoist although more TV -type wire rope hoist has been greatly improved, but its appearance is poor , circular structure is not easy to install , transport, seriously hampering the limitations of shape -type changes. The foreign wire rope hoist , designed for multi- square structure , both beautiful and easy to install, transport, can be well adapted to the modular design, easy to mix and transform the base type , greatly broadened the scope of use of wire rope hoist . CDl -type 1.5 ton electric chain hoists electric control box appearance poor coordination , low life of electrical components , high failure rate . Its key components hook , electric car devices, a group of poor design and interchangeability , and the structure is more cumbersome . In addition, the reduction gear transmission efficiency of manufacturing precision and low noise, gear design parameters is not reasonable , especially reflected in the effective carrying capacity and improve the strength of the equalization levels between gears and gear pairs aspects .
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