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Scrapping condition of wire rope
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
Wire rope is to continue to use or scrap, mainly according to the degree of steel wire 15 ton Electric Chain Hoist and some other conditions. Standards are as follows: (1) within a twist pitch wire rope broken wires for up to 10% of the total number of wire rope. Such as wire rope 6 x = 19 114, when up to 15 ton electric chain hoist broken wires that should be scrapped, such as rope 6 x = 222, 37 when broken wires for 22 wire should be scrapped. For the thickness of wire rope, the calculation of broken wires is a root is a filament, raw silk a root is 1.7. (2) steel wire radial wear or corrosion amount more than 40% of the original diameter should be scrapped, when less than 40%, can be in accordance with the provisions, the broken wire scrap reduction. (3) the hoisting hot metal or dangerous goods scrap wire rope, take the general crane by wire scrap standard one half (4) to meet ISO2408 (features) generally use wire rope standard set by the structure of the steel wire rope, scrapping broken wires should be executed according to specified number GB5972-86. (5) the whole strand rupture should be scrapped. (6) when the wire rope diameter relative to the nominal diameter decreased 7% or more, even if not found broken wire, the wire rope should be scrapped. (7) hemp core the leakage should be scrapped. (8) steel wire rope has obvious corrosion should be scrapped. (9) in cage state local outer 15 ton electric chain hoist elongation should be scrapped (10) against GB5972 possible typical example, a wire rope in 86 and damage are common in the figure should be scrapped.
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