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2 ton chain hoist can not afford injuries Encyclopedia
2014-01-09 by xiugai
1 is the norm for everyday use Wire Rope Hoist and maintenance, to ensure that wire rope hoist is safe, stable , safe operation must strictly enforce the relevant requirements . 2 new installation or after dismantling the hoist after the first test run should be empty several times . Has not been completed prior to installation , non power operation . 3 When installing or commissioning , must strictly limit device is flexible and reliable 2 ton Chain Hoist inspection , when the hook rises first limit position , the hook shell casings from the reel to be greater than fifty millimeters . When the hook dropped lower limit position , should ensure the safety rope on the drum circle , circle must be safe and effective in more than two laps . 4 should be used if prior to 125% of rated load , starting from the ground up to about 100mm, 10 minute of static load test and the examination was normal . 5 status before use to confirm the reliability of the brake ; adjust upper and lower limit stop module. 6 Check to make sure before using wedges are securely installed , and reliable. 7 wire rope is properly checked before use , as found bending , deformation, corrosion or badly worn , broken over the extent of the requirements of non- operation. 8 wire rope hoist manipulated by hand , the operator should take full advantage of its security procedures. 9 wire rope hoist in use by someone to check , pay particular attention to the situation of wearing parts , found fault should be immediately cut off the main power supply , take timely measures , and carefully recorded . 10 wire rope hoist use, must keep enough oil , and lubricants to ensure a clean and should not contain impurities and dirt. 11 wire rope hoist when used by people is prohibited , forbidden to stand at the bottom of lifting objects , lifting in the swing state is prohibited , prohibited connected to the ground and lifting objects . 12 oiled rope , you should use a stiff brush or a small piece of wood , prohibited direct hand rope to a working oil .
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