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Electric hoist safety operation procedures
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Electric Hoist safety operation procedures 1, electric hoist before operation, check whether the power supply is safe and reliable, and presence of wear and tear, Wire Rope Hoist hook, pin, chain, brake device must be kept in good condition, check whether the objects on the welding hook is secure, and so on. 2, in order to prevent manipulation of failure and accidents, can cut off the power supply must be equipped with an emergency the emergency switch and leakage protector. 3, must be strict inspection before lifting limit devices and leakage protector is flexible, reliable and hoisting equipment of the metal frame, electrical equipment, metal shell, or other uncharged metal parts must be reliable grounding, or zero. 4, lifting equipment safety device must ensure that complete and reliable, and should be inspected regularly found failure, must not use "being" to immediately eliminate. 5, scrap wire rope is one of the following circumstances shall not use: 1) wire rope burn; (2) the surface of the steel wire rope steel wire corrosion, wear and tear; (3) with corner turn knob, part of the compression deformation; (4) wire rope break, broken stocks. 6, lifting equipment used to appoint someone who's in charge, and shall receive special training and obtain the special type of driving. 7, lifting goods should comply with the following requirements: (1) irrelevant personnel must be evacuated cargo area, delivery drivers must obey hook lifting personnel command, the car should be slow. But emergency stop signals to anybody, should stop immediately, otherwise the vehicle damage, casualties, and for all the losses resulting from the company are the owner, shall not be liable for any company. (2) electric hoist assignments, all personnel are strictly prohibited in the bracket and lift heavy things stay or walk under the operating personnel shall not be within 1 m from the hanging object assignment, watching people to move away from operating 10 m. The accident happened otherwise I assume responsibility. (3) two hoist lifting a objects at the same time, must by specialist command. Load should be evenly Shared, the operator actions to be coordinated. (4) when lifting 5-12 tons of cargo should choose small card buckle and Φ 23 mm steel wire rope, lifting 12 - when it selects the calories and more than 20 tons of goods Φ 30 mm steel wire rope, more than 20 tons should choose two electric hoist assignments at the same time (single electric hoist bearing for 20 tons), overload is not allowed to use. Wire rope should be chosen and rope buckle and cargo tonnage matching. (5) card buckle fixed steel plate, should be in the inside of the wire rope end, in order to prevent accidents due to the slide fastener. 6 heavy tonnage for lifting objects, should be a stop for 2 minutes, 5 cm from the ground to confirm hanging is smooth, good braking, then rising height shall not exceed 15 cm, car should slow running, sudden braking and exchange direction is prohibited. After the lift operator command truck pick up the car slowly, it is forbidden to start when the car electric hoist. All landowners to lay down their objects, it must be slow, light, are not allowed to free fall. Today after the discharge, should put the goods neatly, and in the medial indicating the date of unloading, specifications, models, so that the work of next working procedure. 8, lifting equipment operation personnel, who suffers from one of the following contraindications, shall not be engaged in this work: 1) binocular vision in 0.8 the following, color blindness. (2) hearing impairment; (3) the central nervous system implement qualitative sex disease (including epilepsy); (4) obvious nerve case can disorder disease or plant nerve palace. 5. Hardening of the arteries; 6. Heart disease;
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