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Electric 2 ton electric chain hoist does not work with wood have
2014-03-05 by xiugai
In some cases, we use Electric Chain Hoist in the process, you may encounter after pressing the starter switch 2 ton electric chain hoist does not work, which is what causes it ? Here Keiko lifting explain , in which case , how to deal with. The first reason for this phenomenon might be, the gourd motor terminal voltage lower than the rated voltage of more than 10% , resulting in the motor starting torque is too small , does not move cargo crane hoist , and unable to work. Well, if this is the case , how to solve ? First, check with a multimeter to measure the motor terminal voltage or voltage input tables, etc. , is indeed due to low voltage , the motor can not start when required , such as the system voltage returns to normal before using Electric Hoist. Sometimes , hoist motor voltage is normal, and gourd is not working, it needs to consider other factors, such as : the motor is burned, when the need to replace the motor repair ; hoist long-term need , poor maintenance and other reasons the brake wheel and cover rust , when starting off the brake wheel is not open , the motor only issued a " hum " sound , turn it up , gourds not work. Then , remove the brake wheel , cleaning the surface rust , and then re- test ; Motor serious sweep chamber , but also make the motor does not rotate and found such a case, should stop using the motor must be overhauled or replaced in order to ensure the normal gourd work . In addition , the production of Do not overload electric hoist, when the goods excessive overload , do not move cargo crane hoist motor to issue only " hum " sound , rather than running, and in severe burning motor , or even cause an accident , then immediately shut down, reduce the cargo , so gourd at rated power . There may be because the system can not supply power for electric hoist power transmission , usually with test pencil test , if not power transmission , power transmission and other after work . In addition, if the main hoist , electrical control circuit is damaged, the line is disconnected or bad , it will not be powered hoist motor . This happens , the need to overhaul the main , control circuits , maintenance , in order to prevent the main , three-phase motor control circuits to the power phase and burning motor , or suddenly was electric hoist motor running, cause harm , be sure to hoist motor disconnected from the power line , only to master , control circuit power transmission , then jog switch to start and stop and check the work of analysis and control of electrical circuits , electrical problems , or to repair or replace the line , when the master confirmation , the control circuit trouble , before re- commissioning .
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