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Electric hoist limiter
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Electric Hoist stop transformation, using the proximity switch, guide line, contactor hoist limiter, the limiter low failure rate, simple structure, and the installation and maintenance. The improved limiter in practical application, when the guide rope device running to limit a power electric hoist motor power supply can be fast and reliable. There will not be the original stop fire after a fault, no longer a motor open phase ci rate reduced. The guard didn't use the push rod will not in use due to failure because of the push rod jam. The specific content: 1, making two 10 cm flat iron, intermediate slot, slot size and proximity switch in the middle can flow back and forth, and one of the flat iron welding in the upper part of the electric hoist shell (motor), another flat iron welding on electric hoist down to the bottom of the shell (reducer). 2, install guide rope electric hoist steel rope. 3, a proximity switch installed on the flat iron, close to switch voltage type choose 220 v ac voltage. 4, install the contactor. 5, electric hoist motor main contactor, on contactor coil line of concatenated proximity switch. After 6, check the wiring and correct, electricity detection approach switch, contactor, control line linkage. 7. Start the electric hoist to guide line is near to limit position, adjust the proximity switch, proximity switch action, repeat the adjustment, the proximity switch in the best position.
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