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Matters chain hoists in typhoon weather should be noted
2014-01-06 by xiugai
In some areas there is a strong typhoon occasional surprise attack , there will be some cases typhoon forced to use electric / chain hoists , causing damage and even accidents in order to prevent its use 2.2m/min Electric Chain Hoist to Wire Rope Hoist a sudden attack , and we do hereby a series of protective measures. 1 , the power supply will be extremely unstable during the typhoon , in order to avoid serious damage to the whole paragraph equipment, we want to hoist install leakage protection device 2 , security level identification hoist before use to ensure safety after . 3 , before the normal use should be 125% of the rated load , from about 100 mm from the ground up , the static load test 10 minutes , check whether the normal . 4 , strict compliance with the electric / chain hoists rules. However , for safety during typhoon here to remind you not to use the gourd as a last resort .
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