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China's crane market development prospect
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Today, the crane industry present situation increasingly prosperous, gradually by more and more people pay close attention to and development is becoming more and more good, now China is the world's largest crane market. China now there are about 500 lifting machinery manufacturing enterprises. Since 2001, benefit from the rapid growth of exports, the sustainable development of metallurgical industry, high-speed growth of the positive factors, the real estate market pull, China crane industry maintained a rapid development, from a production point of view, lifting equipment compound growth rate as high as 36% in 2001-2007. Sales revenue: according to the national bureau of statistics, 2009 November 1 - lifting transport equipment industry sales revenue of 281.7 billion yuan, increased by 5.5% than in 2008, at the same time, lifting transport equipment industry has a big increase in profits as high as 23.63%. Regional distribution: east China, central south and northeast are the main three sales area, accounting for 93% of sales, and more than 67% in east China, central south accounted for 15%, the northeast (11%), east China area is one of the most important sales area. Market segment: lifting transport equipment industry, according to the mechanical structure can be divided into port machinery, tower crane, door crane, Bridge crane, port machinery production share of the highest, accounting for about 50%. Port machinery perform poorly in the first half of 2009, Shanghai zhenhua various models production fell by more than 40% in the first half of the year, the main business of the Shanghai zhenhua to Marine heavy industry transformation. To the second half of a slight rise with the increase of the export business of port machinery, but throughout the year, is still poor. Tower crane industry overall decline is not large, mainly affected by the real estate industry, the increase in demand, and the basic demand are small tower, tower is not much. Door crane, bridge crane is in decline, mainly due to the downstream industry, metallurgy industry downturn orders, but large tonnage crane export growth is more noticeable. Export performance: in 2009, lifting transport equipment industry exports at $3.568 billion, 12% lower than in 2008; At the same time lifting machinery industry foreign trade dependence is 10%; The highest percentage of product is container crane, exports accounted for 42%, followed by the gantry crane, accounted for 19%; From the point of export countries, lifting transport equipment industry in 2009 export countries is more dispersed, major countries are South Korea, Indonesia and Spain.
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