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20 ton chain hoist failure from experience
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
Failure to exclude hoist say , our first thought is to check the Electric Hoist , look in the end where there is a failure. So, we should first check where? Experience and talk , Kai Jiang lifting recommend that 20 ton Chain Hoist you first check the power supply fuse blown hoist or not, if broken, then the proof electric hoist motor will be paralyzed , and this time we should replace the fuse , in order to maintain electric hoist work . In addition , short-circuit is also a problem . Life, we often encounter electrical short-circuit , short-circuit could be bad wiring , junction box must be open for detailed investigation. The grid voltage is too low , then it, then could not withstand the pressure of acceleration torque load may not reach the desired speed, it should be suitable to improve the grid voltage . In addition , the load is too large or faulty conveyor matched general electric hoist motor power is reasonable. If the hoist overload may cause electric hoist can not rotate 20 ton chain hoist, this time something needs to uninstall the load . If working properly , it indicates hoist transmission mechanism is faulty and should be cleared up . When circuit, first check the control device is connected correctly , and the core is absorbed and disconnected , there is no jammed phenomenon , and then the electric hoist failure to re-evaluate .
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