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25 ton electric chain hoist On manual block Precautions
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
Review today lifting company news , our latest product launch Rama , but we just learned about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of product, and not related to how to operate. Below, we Keiko lifting staff will explain in detail to your use of the knowledge associated with Rama . First 25 ton Electric Chain Hoist Rama handle the most important part is that we need to put in the use of Rama slotted end of the handle set into the oil return valve stem and valve stem oil return tighten 25 ton electric chain hoist clockwise . Next, adjust the seat to hook claw claw grabbed the pull objects. When it is inserted into the lift handle hand hole tilted back and forth , starting piston rod forward smoothly forward, claw back accordingly , can the object is pulled out . However, note that the hydraulic piston Rama effective starting from the pole only 50mm, so the use of more than 50mm , it will not work. When no stops pulled out , release the oil return valve , so that the piston rod is retracted to start , then repeat the operation after a good tune , until the completion of the . If you want to retract the piston rod to start , as long as the oil slightly unscrew the valve stem counterclockwise , starting piston rod in the spring gradually retracted . Before use should be based on the outer diameter of the object is pulled , and pulled away from the loading force , select the appropriate tonnage hydraulic Rama , avoid overloading , to avoid damage 25 ton electric chain hoist. To prevent overloading of equipment damage caused by Rama , hydraulic unit equipped with automatic overload relief valve , when the object is pulled over the rated load , overload valve will automatically unloading , and instead use a larger tonnage hydraulic Rama .
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