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Shortage will lead to 3 ton electric chain hoist electric hoist discontinued
2014-01-20 by xiugai
In recent years, there is an electricity shortage that is, the power supply will be subject to certain restrictions. China's large population , no amount of power resources in equal shares to every household there is no imagination so much. Thus, the power shortage in the country intensified, spread quickly , resulting in not yet entered the peak period when the electricity shortage will occur , this phenomenon tells us that the country 's electricity shortage much trouble worse than expected , highlighting the the tension of electricity consumption . According to statistics, the electricity shortfall of the budget of about 40 million kwh , so in order to alleviate this phenomenon in some areas, limited 3 ton Electric Chain Hoist power and began to stagger peak period electricity measures . But just so, the shortage has not brought much impact on the manufacture and use of explosion-proof Electric Hoist , lifting understand , according to Kai Jiang , explosion-proof electric hoist manufacturing has entered a mature stage , the implementation can be divided into segments about the production , assembly, and other water can accept a short power outage , shortage of resistance to some extent, increased significantly , explosion-proof electric hoist does not affect the production . Moreover , companies have power generation equipment , to a certain extent, can also achieve self-sufficiency . Moreover, we found that the production of explosion-proof electric hoist with high energy consumption compared to the metallurgical industry , power consumption required for its production is not high . So brownouts national policy by common sense should begin from the high energy consumption industries , temporarily not threaten the production of explosion-proof electric hoist use . Moreover, the production of explosion-proof electric hoist is mainly gathered in Shanghai , Jiangsu and other regions than enough electricity , the electricity shortage is not common. Therefore , the only large-scale electricity shortage may have an impact on industries with high energy consumption , which will eliminate a good number of low capacity , high energy-consuming industries, but no significant effect on the production of explosion-proof electric hoist . We do not have to worry about this problem, cancel some high energy consumption industries , the estimated shortage situation will be improved.
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