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Electric 3 ton electric chain hoist operating specifications should where to start
2014-01-20 by xiugai
They have been widely used in factories , ships and so on. Operation and installation of Electric Chain Hoist has its own safety regulations , if not by the rules , it is easy to use properly, causing accidents. If full consideration to this point , then we can start from the following aspects. First, 3 ton electric chain hoist sling load overload can not afford not overload lifting, while lifting when workers should not palm grip between the rope and hanging objects . The bundle also check whether the goods securely to prevent causing accidents. Chain hoist before using the equipment should carefully check the chain , hook , etc. is intact , the use of electrical switches start gourd , whether insulated After checking , pay attention to the position of operations. When the cargo reaches a certain height, you must slow down. Use, the chain hoist should not be frequent , to prevent brake heat. Secondly , when hanging goods , not hanging oblique hanging crooked , do not drag level , not to stay in 3 ton electric chain hoist the air to prevent deformation of parts . If the chain hoist malfunction, early investigation , and promptly cut off the power , it is best not to press the button in two opposite directions at the same time , it will make your electric chain hoist is more easily damaged. Also note that , if the electric chain hoist is placed outdoors , then put on a poncho gave it the most , so it can effectively prevent rust deterioration . After the work is completed, the initiative to cut off the main power supply , turn off the main switch , which was parked in a safe designated place . Follow these steps , we can reasonably use a chain hoist .
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