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3 ton electric chain hoist product characteristics
2014-01-20 by xiugai
1 , wire rope hoist gear boxes and motors Oil gear transmission mechanism using three spin-down design , finishing gear set in leak-proof cast aluminum gear box. Gear box housing design is easy by air cooling , and easy maintenance occurs when a failure. Provides low headroom design specifications to ensure maximum lifting capacity while saving your costs and enhance efficiency. Lifting dual speed 3 ton Electric Chain Hoist adjustable motor , high-speed low ratio can reach 4 to 1 , to meet your exact location and low speed operation run fast movements of the overall work requirements. 2 , wire rope hoists reel and guide mechanism The use made of high quality steel wire rope reel design and comes with deep grooves guide rope agencies can effectively help rope rope accurately , to ensure safe operation while extending the service life of wire rope and reel . 3 , reel , and the end of the fixed rope lock Rope hoisting mechanism designed to maximize the electric chain hoist with Trolley volume rope 3 ton electric chain hoist height to ensure the overall low headroom dimensions simultaneously. Rope through the top three high-strength metal lock lock , and when the hook is in three volumes still remain low top margin to ensure safe operation . 4 , blocks and hooks Standard pulley rotatable hook , hook 360 degrees in the horizontal , vertical rotate freely within the range of 180 degrees for easy loading and unloading of weight . 5 , the upper and lower end of the stopper and overload protection Wire rope hoist comes standard with upper and lower ends of spin- circuit limiter, optional also can touch the top stopper. While the machine comes standard with overload protection device to protect operational security . 6 , the car run driver Using wheel drive car , and is located on both sides of the host can provide a uniform wire rope hoist manufacturers and efficient traction. Drive motor provides smooth start and stop action through a threaded gear drive transmission mechanism . 7 , the control box Wire rope hoist and trolley master control unit closed control box with NEMA4/12 level of protection. The main function of the control section can include : ( 1 ) phase detection and phase protection function ; ( 2 ) motor circuit fuse protection ; ( 3 ) transformer circuit fuse protection ; ( 4 ) Lifting mechanism action monitoring function ( optional ) ; ( 5 ) motor overheating protection function ; ( 6 ) hoisting mechanism overload protection ; ( 7 ) All control components to ensure the highest quality.
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