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The three small tips heavy bundle
2014-01-06 by xiugai
In the Chain Hoists and other lifting hoist lifting process, whether caused by heavy bundle link your attention ? If you have heard of the accident was due to a heavy bundle link is not good , leading to the whereabouts of causing heavy damage . After you hear is not also feel it is especially important bundled link , the following three points for everyone finishing steps for heavy bundle : 1 , when bundled with a good center of gravity of the weight to grasp an object, the object can ensure a smooth rise in space. Heavy focus not obvious , you can lift a few weights , lifting height do not have a lot , and then adjust the position of the rope tied after the object down. 2 , bundled with some concrete object , you can use a sling and clasp . 3, note that when tied knotted ropes and chains can not be distorted ; such as when objects have sharp edges bundled edges have to use pads to protect them against damage rope ; remaining tied after the chain, rope handled properly to avoid injury.
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