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Electric hoist fault analysis
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Electric Hoist fault analysis 1, brake down slide interval more than defined requirements Long-term fertilization, electric hoist brake wear ring is too big, reduce system of rotational spring pressure, reduce braking force. Solution to adjust the brake brake ring bolt or replaced. 2, motor temperature rise too high Should first check whether hoist overload use, lead to motor overload fever, long-term overload will burn motor; The motor overload, still have a fever, should check whether the motor bearing is damaged; Should also work to check if motor according to delimit the duty, this is also one of the reasons for motor fever, when using, should work in strict accordance with the motor. Motor operation, the brake clearance is too small, not completely off, have a great friction, the friction of fever and proportionate to increase the additional load, reduce the motor speed, electrorheological big and fever, now should rest, to adjust the brake clearance. 3, the weight to air, can't start after parking First check whether the system voltage is too low or the fluctuation is too large, so this kind of situation, only such as voltage return to normal after restart; On the other hand, to pay more attention to running lack of phase in the three-phase motor, unable to start after downtime, need to check the power phase number at this time.
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