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What is the effect of chain hoists landing machine and function
2014-01-06 by xiugai
Quality guarantee storage of goods , you can accept moisture, dust , anti-theft , anti- destruction and other measures , in order to progress in quality of goods stored . The ups and downs of the goods into the machine , and do not squeeze , small material loss , can guarantee the physical integrity of the cost function of the body , cut off the damaged goods . Landing machine goods , access to convenient , easy to inventory and metering, can be progress seniors , first-out . Structure and function of a lot of new machines in favor of the completion of the ups and downs of mechanization and automation control repository. Landing machine is a frame structure , can take full advantage of warehouse space , improve capacity use rate, in order to expand the storage warehouse . Heavy tray landing machine : high quality cold-rolled steel sheet by roll forming, the column can be up to six meters and the center no seams , beams made ​​of high quality steel, loading capacity, easily deformed , hanging between the beams and columns for the cylindrical projection thorn Jin, convergence reliable, easy disassembly , and use the nail to prevent the truck when the task will provoke beams ; all the ups and downs machine appearance are acid, phosphate electrostatic spray disposal processes , corrosion and rust , beautiful appearance. Together for a large warehouse . Medium landing machine : Medium landing machine unique style, reasonable structure, convenient assembly and disassembly , do not screw , and the consolidation of robust , large capacity , widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouse and enterprise units. Light aircraft landing : landing light punching machine is a highly versatile construction system , Chain Hoists can be widely used in the assembly of light rack, task sets, something the car , hanging system, safe care network and support skeleton. Length of angle iron punching fast calibration can cut any assembly with screws , marking emphasis on new devices , such as the promise that it can meet through the careful use of the program , but also to meet the critical needs of use .
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