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Briefly outline the size and use of inverted chain
2014-01-06 by xiugai
Down chain in the shape of the size of the points from the overall sales and reputation in terms of the more compact shape hoists more loved by customers , sales have been higher , do not make them the size of Chain Hoists in use on a difference ? What exactly is the reason ? 1 , the smaller and more delicate chain down more convenient to carry, pour the chain which is an important feature is that easy to carry, due to the need of some special cases , smaller , lighter weight chain hoists more attractive to customers. 2 , pour the smaller chain in the more limited space to play its advantages, for example , YALE chain hoists , has been hailed as the world's most compact chain hoists , it 's one of the important advantages of lifting heavy objects in confined spaces in particular, can play to its strengths . Therefore, high practical value. Do not underestimate and ignore the inverted shape of the size of the chain , it tends to give you a surprise in some special environment !
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