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Lifting prevent tilting solutions
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Lifting prevent tilting solutions 1. Crane driving road must be smooth, solid, reliable, parking place must be flat. 2. Crane shall not be parked on slope road work, do not allow the two crawler crane or stay leg parts held high or a hard one soft soil. 3. Lifting artifacts, sling to remain vertical, shall not exceed the crane radius of gyration inclined to drag, so as not to overload and wire rope slipping or pulled the rope to the unstability of the crane. When lifting heavy components should be a pull on the rope. 4. The crane operation, arm lifting, lowering, turning to smooth, can not shake in the air, at the same time try to avoid the phenomenon such as emergency braking or shock vibration. Not reliable technology measures and without the approval of the relevant technical departments do not overload hoisting crane, in order to avoid accelerated wear of mechanical parts and crane overturning. 5. Crane should avoid driving at full capacity; When at capacity or close to full capacity, it is strictly prohibited to simultaneously improve with rotary (lifting and horizontal rotation or lifting and walking) two kinds of action, so as not to cause due to road uneven or inertia force of crane overload and rollovers. 6. When two hoisting machinery operation at the same time, between two machine hanging hook component should maintain a safe distance of more than 5 m, avoid collision accident. 7. Double machine when lifting crane components, according to the crane lifting capacity for reasonable load distribution (quality shall not be more than two crane hoisting allows 75% of the total weight, each load of the crane should not be more than 80% of its security load). Operation, it must be under a unified command, coordination, lifting and moving at the same time, and makes the crane hook, tackle all should keep basic vertical state. Two crane driver's personnel should cooperate with each other, to prevent a crane weightlessness, and make another crane overload. 8. When lifting, should have the specialist is responsible for the unified command, commanders should be located at the operator can vision and location, and can clearly see that the whole process of hoisting. Crane drivers must be familiar with the signal, and follow the various signal controllers to operate; Signal from the command signal should be uniform in advance, to distinct and accurate. 9. In wind is equal to or greater than 6, banned in outdoor mobile crane and lifting operations. 10. Crane to stop working, should stop turning and walking mechanism, good driver room door lock. Hooks shall not be suspended on the component, and should be promoted to high, to avoid swinging cuts and causes the unstability of the crane.
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