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50 ton electric chain hoist everyone understand better about explosion-proof electric hoist don't know you
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
50 ton Electric Chain Hoist everyone understand better about explosion-proof Electric Hoist don't know you, how about have much knowledge of explosion protection system. Formal explosion-proof products are the EC < 1 > detected, the customer when buying explosion-proof electric hoist can be as a seller for explosion-proof certificate, to ensure that the purchased belong to product of in a safe 50 ton electric chain hoist explosion-proof electric hoist. Explosion-proof equipment explosion-proof type is more casual, common, such as positive pressure explosion-proof rubber seal explosion-proof, isolation of explosion-proof, increased safety explosion-proof and intrinsically safe explosion-proof, etc. Above these different forms of explosion protection principle, each kind of explosive-proof grade is different, roughly divided into explosion-proof grade 1 ~ 5, according to the operation needs. For explosion protection system products, some form of explosion-proof requirements assembly components must also possess the characteristics of explosion-proof 50 ton electric chain hoist, but like the isolation type explosion-proof products, it basically is to use explosion-proof isolation shell to have the effect of explosion protection, has been isolated to detonate the source to the outside world, so this form of explosion protection product components do not ask, it is also approved by international standards, of course, if the internal components also has the characteristics of explosion-proof, that is double insurance, but usually it isn't necessary. General explosion-proof electric hoist used in the isolation of explosion-proof. Next we say about the issue of explosion-proof certificate, an explosion-proof equipment must conform to the European Community law, also is the need to provide the ATEX certificate or EC certificate of inspection report, the explosion-proof standards are mainly EN50014, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20,50 ton electric chain hoist, etc. Here need to pay attention to, what we call the EC certificate and CE certificate are different two kinds of certificate, EC certificate is the certificate, professional testing, test report and CE certificate is in conformity with the European directive. More professional explosion-proof certificate is ATEX certification certificate, these are the customer need to know before buying
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