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Gantry crane 50 ton electric chain hoist safety operation procedures
2014-01-20 by bridgeyanju
Gantry crane safety operation procedures 1, the gantry crane should be someone driving a 50 ton Electric Chain Hoist, the driver shall receive professional training, familiar with the structure characteristics of the machine 50 ton electric chain hoist and operation method, and issued a certificate of qualified after the examination, only allowed to drive. 2, it is strictly prohibited to FeiSiJi drive. 3, the driver is working, only listen to the specialized personnel on the ground conductor (and only one command), but no matter what people signal parking when all should stop, find out the situation to drive a car. 4, daily every time before driving, must check all the mechanical and electrical equipment are in good condition, operating system is flexible, and maintenance of equipment in accordance with the provisions, and lubrication. 5, each class for the first time the lifting objects so that the lifting objects close to the rated load, the driver should be heavy lifting to no more than 0.5 m height, then fell to the 50 ton electric chain hoist ground near the end of the brake. 6, overload use is forbidden. 7, it is prohibited to tilt lifting goods. 8, gantry crane lifting items, should ring to avoid or to bypass, banned from the top of the head through, must be warned to drive a car before driving signal. 9, forbid people with goods lift. 10, heavier than air does not allow long time stay, gantry crane lifting heavy weights, drivers and controllers shall not be allowed to leave the ground. 11, succession, two classes of drivers should make joint inspection of the machinery and electrical equipment of the machine, and fill out the driver RiBiao. Should be cut off power supply when the 12, check, and hang "someone repair" brand, lest cause major accidents driving by mistake. 13, gantry crane after the completion of the work, open to the designated place, all the handle will turn to zero, cut off power supply. 14 when, suddenly loses power, to cut off the main circuit switch, turn all controller handles to zero. Work more than 15, banning six levels of wind.
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