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The improved 7.5 ton electric chain hoist
2014-01-20 by xiugai
The improved wire rope electric hoist product introduction Which CD1 and MD1 model electric hoist with compact 7.5 ton Electric Chain Hoist tructure, light weight, small electric winchvolume, convenient operation, etc. It can be installed separately in supporting overhead h can also be installed in electric or manual single-beam, double beam, cantilever, such as gantry crane. In fine job situation, when the model CD1 electric hoist lifting speed cannot meet the requirements, should choose MD1 type double speed electric hoist. Scope of application: used in factories, mines, docks, warehouses, freight yard work environment, such as temperature - 20 ~ + 40 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85% of the venues. With explosion danger with sulfuric acid or other places where corrosive gas and the lifting of molten metal, toxic, flammable places in it is prohibited to use in order to ensure safety. When used in dust serious or open Spaces, need to add protective device. Product advantage: which CD1 and MD1 model electric hoist is to improve labor efficiency, improve working conditions for machinery, its products advantages are: 1. Specifications, lifting and speed selection range is extensive; 2. Compact structure, smooth operation; 3. The high cost performance, easy to use; 4. Parts versatility; 5. You can choose hand Trolley and different speed of electric car; Technical content 1. The machine adopts conical rotor motor, integrating force and braking force; 2. The hook is made from high strength steel and equipped with a locking device; 3. The overload, over-current, pressure loss, equal protection function; 4. Power supply scope is wide, with 36 v safety voltage control, can be divided into the Snatch Block and wireless control, make the operation more safety; 5. Do not contain harmful ingredients such as asbestos brake material, make the product more environmental protection;
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