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About the 7.5 ton electric chain hoist related introduction
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Lever Hoist is safe and reliable, durable; Good performance, convenient About the lever hoist related introduction ; Small volume, light weight, easy to carry; Small hand force, high efficiency; Progress predecessors structure, beautiful appearance, etc. With regulation model, specification of the 7.5 ton Electric Chain Hoist firmly down. Wire rope hand gourd, general for metal material synthesis, so in terms of maintenance must be done comprehensively, so that can not influence the equipment normal use. Usually with brake squirrel-cage conical rotor motor with electromagnetic brake (or another cylindrical rotor motor) drive, the weight average of 0.1 ~ 80 tons, lifting height is 3 ~ 30 meters. Electric hoist except can be used alone, but also with the manual, chain or electric car together, hanging on the roof of the building or crane beam is used. Electric hoist is a kind of very versatile small light lifting equipment. In use do not need to add lubricating oil operations, are not allowed to use supporting other ropes instead of steel wire rope; Operation, we should maintain the cleanness of steel wire rope, prevent the adhesion of the mud and oil into the machine, affect the normal use or clamp abrasion. Electric hoist, electric hoist for short. Most electric hoist by people with follow the manipulation button in the ground, also can be in the driver control or use indoor cable (wireless) remote control. Sales of the lever hoist mainly include the lever hoist, including TOYO lever hoist, Japan d lever hoist, Japan like card lever hoist; Domestic lever hoist; Chain lever hoist type including HSH lever hoist, HSH lever hoist - C type, HSH - V lever hoist, lever hoist more VITAL dimensions; Lever hoist wire rope (HSS lever hoist) and so on. The lever hoist wire rope, jun wei lifting professionals for the common title title and simple instructions, maintenance method for customers reference. Hand gourd widely used in shipbuilding, electric power, transportation, construction, mining, post and telecommunications departments such as equipment installation, lifting, pull the parts, etc. All kinds of electric hoist electric hoist more main wire rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist, mini electric hoist and explosion-proof electric hoist several models. Hands on chain and lever blocks are called manual gourd, is to use human to lift heavy weights, shall not be any longer handles; Operations should let the rest of the handle free follow-up, not jam. Must be according to the size of the load to choose appropriate tonnage of gourd. By motor, drive mechanism and the drum or sprocket composition, wire rope electric hoist and chain lashing cargo hoist.
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