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The use of the mini electric hoist matters needing attention
2013-12-29 by xiugai
The use of micro Electric Hoist to note: A. Before using the micro electric hoist, please be sure to read the instructions carefully. 2. The micro electric hoist elevator installation position must choose in consistent with the need, and easy operation. 3. Regularly check whether the installation of the elevator. 4. Please don't use don't overload in unclear weight lifting objects using the elevator. Five. When lifting can't sew, tilt hanging heavy objects you for your cooperation. 6. It is forbidden to anyone standing when hoist lifting heavy objects in lifting the weight of below. Seven. The wire rope, please wear with thick gloves, please don't let the wire rope slip from your hands, lest cause slippery hurt or injured. Eight. This elevator to carry people in any form, or as the elevator promotion tools. 9. Operators don't in the case of alcohol, medication and illness elevator operation. Ten. Please do not arbitrarily or welding of elevator parts. 11. When the hoist lifting, it is important to ensure that at least 3 ring steel wire rope, rope cylinder force is too large to prevent the wire rope fell off the rope drum.
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