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bridge crane Precautions
2014-01-17 by xiugai
(1) Each crane's rated capacity must be put up signs in the obvious places. (2) work, and not someone with a hook or transporting people on the bridge. (3) No operator license and drink are not allowed to drive a crane. (4) the operation must concentrate, not allowed to talk, smoking or doing things unrelated. (5) the car to clean; allowed misplacing equipment, tools, flammable, explosive materials and dangerous goods. (6) Bridge crane are not allowed to use super-charge. (7) The following conditions must not lifting: Bundle is not strong; mechanical overload; signal is unknown; stayed; buried in the ground or frozen objects; was hanging objects on someone; without security protection measures flammable, explosive devices and dangerous goods; too full of liquid items; rope does not meet the safe use to
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