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The possibility and necessity of engineering plastic chain applications
2013-12-28 by xiugai
In the chain on the possibility of application of engineering plastics and the necessity of the original chain is formulated with wood, our country ancient books long keel water tu in the open content, chain, made clear that wood keel keel is key modern tooth shape of the original prototype. Followed by the development of metal smelting industry, for manufacturing chain offers a variety of strong metal materials, copper, iron, steel, alloy, etc. Application of chain all over in every sector of industry, and a variety of different conditions require chain have the structure and properties of various specific materials. So for hundreds of years of using metal materials manufacturing chain concept has begun to break through. In the chain to seek new materials, engineering plastics has a lot of appeal, it has the following advantages. Light weight: engineering plastic and metal material compare to reduce weight down times (single digits to double digits), lightweight materials. Chain reduce weight, can lower the energy consumption and operation cost needed to drive the chain, can improve workers Labour and the working conditions necessary for installation and maintenance. Weight represents a reduction in the quality of inertia force, can significantly improve the running performance of the machine. Corrosion resistance: engineering plastic can not corrode in a variety of media. To increase service life. As is known to all, most of the metal material even under light load (or no load) will also be scrapped due to corrosion.
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