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Chain electric hoist product features
2013-12-28 by xiugai
Chain Electric Hoist product features: Shell: aluminum alloy shell, solid and light weight. Has the characteristics of heat sink, heat faster, can be continuous use, efficiency up to 40%. Closed the overall structure, can be used in chemical plants, electroplating factory, etc. Pounds of magnetic brake: the newly designed magnetic generator, its characteristic is magnetic. Can be in the same time as the power cut off the brakes, ensure that the brake when the Trolley is absolutely secure. Limit switch: hung hung has limit switch device, automatic stop, prevent chain beyond, to ensure safety. The chain: imported FEC80 super heat treated alloy steel chain. In the rain, water, chemicals and other harsh conditions the use of safe secure. Transformer: 36 v / 24 v transformer device. Operation, one thousand leakage, can prevent accidents, when it rains, can ensure the safe use. Hook: through hot forging, great strength, not easy to break. The hook can be 360 ° rotation, attach safety tongue, to ensure safe operation. Brace: hoisting brace by two pieces of steel plate combination, very strong. Push button switch: use waterproof button switch, light and durable. Electromagnetic contactor: efficient electromagnetic contactor, can use high frequency, there is no problem. Inverse phase protection: special wire device, when the power supply wiring error, control circuit can't move.
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