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Electric hoist fast to enter foreign markets
2013-12-29 by xiugai
With the rapid development of Electric Hoist lifting equipment, large-scale key leading enterprise of the overall operation is normal, delivery is also very good, task plump, meet the situation of the enterprises, the overall efficiency is better. Overcapacity highlights in vestigating the existence of the subject, Xu Shanji said, high-end manufacturing because of insufficient r&d investment in the prophase, technology supply is insufficient, can't keep up with the change of the market at home and abroad, the development momentum is not strong, affect the industrial structure adjustment and development of large enterprises. Ability to overcapacity bridge, gantry crane, small and medium-sized belt conveyor, single-girder cranes, double beam crane. Too fierce competition of the market at present, the degree of price war has reached feverish, especially small and medium-sized Bridge crane, gantry crane, enterprises will face the danger of collapse. Industry crisis is raised, small and medium-sized enterprise talent development step strength is weak and lack of high technology industry, has become the bottleneck of the development. Electric hoist used in multiple areas. Because the market competition is intense, falling prices, raw materials, staff wages rise, along with the state control loans, small and medium-sized enterprise capital chain will crisis. On the industry's future development should focus is a major project of science and technology in the field of high-end manufacturing, countries should increase financial support. And, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, promoting the cooperation of production, study and research, promote supported by science and technology set up different industrial structure adjustment. Heavy machinery industry association vice President and secretary general Xu Shanji said: reasonable scale and revising, eliminate backward production capacity, be helpful for involvement in international competition, speed up to enter the international market.
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