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Chain electric hoist load to represent what meaning
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Gravity load chain Electric Hoist load including the weight of the load of gravity and hoisting load of two parts. Gravity load including crane metal structure, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment (not including hoisting load) gravity load. Load function method and simplified mechanical model can be considered respectively, in general, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment of crane can be considered as concentrated load at the center of the equipment installation position, unit weight of truss as a concentrated load effect on the structure of the node, box structure weight as a uniformly distributed load. Gravity loads are usually is much bigger than the weight of the object it's job. Hoisting load refers to the gravity of all lifting quality, including allowing the lifting of the maximum effective objects, fetch device (including the hook slide wheel, hanging beam, grab, container, lifting electromagnet, etc.), flexible suspension parts, as well as in the lifting equipment of gravity. When hoisting height is less than 50 meters, the weight of hoisting wire rope can be neglected. When chain electric hoist machine in the movement of the stationary state, namely chain electric hoist does not work, or stop hanging load lifting movement state of hanging in the air, or ring chain electric hoist at a constant speed in a stable state, chain electric hoist load weight and hoisting load as static load. For bridge types of chain electric hoist, material through the Trolley along the girder horizontal motion, the car weight and hoisting load of the moving load.
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