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The use of the explosion-proof electric hoist maintenance methods
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Explosion-proof Electric Hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment. Explosion-proof electric hoist is light weight, small size, large lifting capacity, when in charge of the plant have an explosive mixture, under the condition of security is to improve labor premise, progress of labor production rate tool, is to produce the necessary machinery and equipment. Maintenance method of use: Each new installed electric hoist, first of all should wake the idling several times. Before normal use, to win more than 10% load rated load and dynamic load test, repeated movements, checker and thought structure, electrical and link departments if proper and reliable. Use, absolutely forbidden in do not allow annoying environment and more than the rated load under the condition of use. Do not allow to tilt lifting and horizontal drag tool use, do not allow lifting embedded objects. Limiter is to prevent the hook up and down over the safety of the accident was caused when the limit position setting device, so can't stop when the switch is used to. After the completion of the work, it is necessary on the total power switch, block the main power supply. Explosion-proof electric hoist due and personnel operation, the operator should master the explosion-proof safety control process. Explosion-proof electric hoist is used, it is forbidden to load hanging in the air for a long time, in order to prevent the parts permanent deformation. Should guarantee the explosion-proof electric hoist have enough oil, should not contain any impurities and dirt. Every ten days requires special staff check explosion-proof electric hoist parts. Check the explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof control box, explosion-proof limit switch, explosion-proof button switch is necessary to remove the flameproof enclosure, to block the main power supply. Remove after blasting face should be strongly protected, to prevent the collision, the explosion-proof surface cracks, caused by explosive. When the flame-proof shell have touch crack breathe freely, immediately scrapped, installing the explosion-proof enclosure required each screw tight, loose it is strictly prohibited. When users use explosion-proof electric hoist, in order to ensure the use safety is absolutely work according to the rail system is used, not frequently used, otherwise danger.
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