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The crane safe operation
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Participate in the construction of personnel must be familiar with the operation methods and the contents of the project, according to the program requirements for construction, and the strict discipline standard. 2, in the process of construction, construction personnel must be specific division of labor, clear responsibilities. In the whole hoisting process, we need to observe the scene order, obedience to the command, not to leave jobs. 3, in the process of hoisting, should be unified command signal, to participate in the construction of personnel must be familiar with the signal, so that the operating post to coordinate their movements. . 4, hoisting, the whole scene by the commander-in-chief of the command control, each post direct should correctly carry out the orders of the commander-in-chief, accomplish signal quickly and accurately, and shall be responsible for his duties within the scope of. 5, the whole construction process should be the scene of the cleaning, remove obstacles, and operation. 6, participate in high work in construction personnel, must undergo a physical examination qualified, fasten your seat belt when operation, and is in a safe location. Tools should have insurance rope, throwing things down is allowed. 7, construction personnel must wear a good helmet, such as winter construction, the ear protection should be put down, hearing an unimpeded. 8, electric welding wire and wire to far away from the steel wire rope, live line distance should be kept in more than 2 meters, or has a protection frame, welding line should be separated by crossing with steel wire rope, it is forbidden to contact. 9, before hoisting construction, should contact with the local meteorological department know the weather situation, general may not be in the rain and snow day, open or night work, such as must be, must have non-slip, sufficient lighting measures, approved by the leadership at the same time, it is strictly prohibited to lifting when wind is greater than 6, large equipment shall not be in when the wind is greater than 5 segments. 10, in construction process to use structures to tie knot rigging, when must go through checking, can safely withstand and approved before use. Want to add cushion layer, at the same time to ensure that the structures and rigging from wear and tear, but may not be used for the following structures: (1) the transmission towers and poles; (2) the operation of the equipment and pipe support; (3) the woods (4) do not conform to the requirements of the use of unknown or tonnage anchor
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