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Many forces introduction of wire rope electric hoist
2013-12-28 by xiugai
Many forces wire rope electric hoist, there are two main types of wire rope and ring chain electric hoist, rest assured of high quality production, safety and efficiency, the price is reasonable. Wire rope electric hoist the composition of the department are: motor, the thought structure, drum and sprocket. In the motor and the drum position different can be roughly divided into four types. Motor axis is perpendicular to the axis of the drum of the electric hoist adopts worm gearing, the width of the size, structure of heavy, low mechanical efficiency and processing more difficult problem. Has no factory produce this kind of structure of the product. Thought electric axis parallel to the roll axis of the electric hoist, the steel wire rope electric hoist strengths for the height and the length of the small size. Its shortcomings for the width size is big, grouping, manufacturing and assembling complex. Track turning radius is big. Motor mounted on the inside of the drum electric hoist, its strengths to the length of the small size, compact structure. Its main drawback for motor cooling premise is poor, poor grouping, inconvenience, inspection, installation, maintenance, motor power supply device is complicated. Wire rope electric hoist wire rope electric hoist is a small-sized lifting equipment, with compact structure, light weight, small volume, parts versatility, manipulation of the advantages and strengths, such as it can be installed separately on the i-steel, also can form a complete set of installation in the electric or manual single-beam, double beam, cantilever, such as gantry crane
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