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A product profile of the link chain electric hoist is equipped with electric sports car
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Electric cars need to match the Electric Hoist are used together, good electric sports car or a normal manufacturer, JiLinGuang preferred manufacturers selling electric sports car hire a full, variety, good quality. Always trust chain electric hoist electric sports car manufacturer. Chain electric hoist is often want to use the hoisting tools and disciplines within the workshop, this kind of small volume, light weight, easy installation, operation and hoisting are very stable gourd, has begun to replace the heavy type electric hoist, and CD type electric hoist will slowly be replaced. Before buying chain electric hoist, according to the following points to distinguish the quality of the link chain electric hoist, first of all in control after turning on the power supply chain electric hoist from top to bottom and move around, observing the direction key is correct, pay attention to run up and down to stop at the same time, whether to have the voice of the brake, another watch stopped, falling chain, if you have, that the friction piece too loose, or the installation is not normal. After that there is no problem, click on the up and down keys, observe the running distance, the smaller the distance of Chain Hoist, the better. Use tip: in some factory or workshop, sometimes need to run the small distance, such as installing or docking, need gourd slowly lift or drop, to facilitate calibration and installation, but the link chain electric hoist single speed, double speed slow sometimes also can't satisfy the installation of speed, this time can be a little button, click stop, time is very short, so moving range is small, can be calibrated once after each click, so on, the equipment installation is successful.
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