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Many forces link chain electric hoist
2013-12-28 by bridgeyanju
Electric chain hoist and Trolley , high-quality production force more force. My company is China's largest supplier of Electric Hoist, professional provide all kinds of electric hoist products, high-quality production technology, safe and reliable. Chain electric hoist using range is very wide, is mainly used in the workshop, warehouse, wind power, logistics, port, construction and other industries, used for lifting or loading and unloading of goods, can also be to lift heavy weights big machines work or repair.Electric chain hoist and trolley by manipulating the staff with a button on the ground following the operation, also can be in the control room operation or use interval control cable (wireless). Fixed hanging chain electric hoist can be used, but also with electric monorail trolley and push/walking hand monorail car use. electric chain hoist and trolley is a small-sized lifting equipment. Chain electric hoist by electricity, the idea of structure and sprocket. Chain electric hoist all produced according to the international scale, body shape is beautiful, the spinning durable, internal gear all through high temperature quenching, increase the gear abrasion resistance and toughness, USES the international most predecessors process, fine workmanship, tight fit between gear.Up the chain electric hoist weight average of 0.1 ~ 60 tons, lifting height is 3 ~ 120 meters, the characteristics of chain electric hoist: functional structure to improve predecessors, small volume, light weight, reliable function, manipulate it, share a wide range, for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading, maintenance equipment, lifting the goods very, it can be mounted to the impending beams, curve track, slewing crane rails and fixed hoisting hanging heavy objects. Chain electric hoist structure features: electric hoist product structure: the body, choose high strength tensile shell or die casting aluminum shell with thin wall extrusion forming process of precision manufacturing, small volume, light weight, high strength. Scale of electric chain hoist and trolley have independent transmission system, sealing secondary coaxial transmission gear transmission mechanism, the long life of oil bath lubrication system. Powder metallurgy clutch for overload protection device, electric hoist brake the brake disc dc magnetic field, the braking torque, smooth, fast, low noise.
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