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Chain electric hoist performance characteristics and applicable scope
2013-12-29 by bridgeyanju
Electric Chain Hoist and Trolley is one of the most ideal lifting equipment in the world. Electric chain hoist and trolley products, the most professional production technology, guarantee the most reliable products. All products are in conformity with national quality standards, welcome you the choose and buy. Its function characteristics are as follows: 1, can be high frequency continuous work. 2, the lifting speed can be adjusted freely, also can be stepless variable speed. 3, no spark, completely solve the explosion-proof topic lifting equipment. 4, can be in high temperature, high dust, strong corrosive work environment. Chain Electric Hoist share range: Chain electric hoist is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal mining, textiles, warehousing, production line of home appliances, automobile production line and ship building and other industries, is the enterprise security produce, advances the efficiency, reduce the capital essential equipment.
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