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Crane assembly and commissioning
2014-01-07 by bridgeyanju
a) Before assembling the components should be cleaned again , the wind Chain Hoist with high-pressure wash oil Road , open the oil channel blocking when necessary to clean the oil ; b) Install the crankshaft , flywheel electric hoist and Trolley assembly inverted chain , recording assembly space , including a pad with the gap , crankshaft axial clearance , crankshaft and flywheel screws tightened three times by the symmetry method to the standard torque value chain fastened with a hammer before gourd percussion make tile seat , flywheel, flywheel housing off the tank, the crankshaft should rotate freely after tightening ; c) a piston rod assembly groups : the cylinder on its side when the piston assembly will forward mark Toward the front of the cylinder ; recording piston rings opening gap , backlash , chain hoist cylinder wall clearance ; cylinder, piston surface , Piston rings , piston pins should be painted at the amount of oil, and by sequence corresponding cylinder assembly, the assembly press Requirements staggered opening angle of piston rings . After turning down the chain assembled crankshaft , without catching phenomenon ; d) install suction plate , oil pan assembly , the assembly should be inverted chain sealing surface coating amount of sealant ; e) the cylinder erected , installed timing gear electric hoist and trolley, oil pump , etc. When the crankshaft on the first cylinder TDC , put the camshaft gear to make mark on accurate, down the chain oil pump sealing surface should be coated with sealant and tighten to balance ; f) assembling cylinder bed , head , etc. : three times by the symmetry method to the standard tightening torque head screw electric hoist and trolley, chain hoist cylinder by the valve clearance adjustment to the standard value ; g) installation of the fuel pump and other components : the chain -called dead center of the crankshaft in the first cylinder , the fuel pump into the teeth of the timing mark by the gearbox , the position of the fuel pump to a first fuel injection cylinder , into fuel pump, lock nut . Other components of each assembly, after assembly , toggle the engine flywheel should rotate freely.
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