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Power load power load chain electric hoist
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Power load power load change chain Electric Hoist in motion when dynamic load effect, the dynamic load effect makes the original static load value increases. Dynamic loading is included in the variable speed, the structure of the inertial load produced by the gravity and hoisting load; Due to wheel after uneven rail joint, or the movement of the crane parts of the impact of the impact load produced by the buffer; Under the influence of inertial load and impact load, metal structure and working mechanism of the vibration of the vibration load produced by the elastic system, etc. Power load is associated with working speed (acceleration), related to the movement direction, with the form of structure and properties (such as the quality of the system distribution, the stiffness and damping of the system, etc.), and the use of the crane condition and the driver operation method, operation skills proficiency, and other factors. Natural load load specifically to wind, ice, snow, earthquake, and the natural factors such as temperature change caused by the load. In outdoor work chain electric hoist, the influence of wind load on the lifting operation should be given enough attention.
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