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Domestic wire rope electric hoist solutions
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Domestic wire rope electric hoist solutions: (1) the structure should be able to meet a variety of conditions such as: low headroom, double lifting point and other installation fixed way; Can be remote control type, insulation, anticorrosive moistureproof, multiple functions such as resistance to high temperature high fever, explosion-proof products. (2) series design rationalization. Recommended parameters: the weight from 0.25-80 t, lifting height of 6-63 - m, less use base type covers the whole series. Hoisting speed diversification recommended value: single speed 8 m/min, 10 m/rain, 12.5 m/min. Double speed 1/10, 1/3, 1/4 ratio change. Double speed scheme should consider composite aircraft, double winding and pole, or adopt variable frequency infinitely adjustable-speed technology. Design reference GB3811-1983 specification for design of crane work level, expand coverage work level to M3 to M6. (3) the design change traditional circular design, USES the square structure form, the modular design, increase the parts commonality, a intermediate shaft arrangement made by the original motor reducer in the form of a drum, a drum arrangement instead of a motor reducer, can effectively improve the wire rope electric hoist lifting height, and avoid the long axis of the high-speed shaft transmission, can improve the stability and reliability of operation, lower the manufacturing cost. Increase the pulley ratio range, raise use single scope. (4) is made of high quality high strength steel wire rope, GB3811-1983 standard requirements, to meet tensile strength under the premise of safety coefficient, reduce the diameter of wire rope as far as possible, using appropriate to the drum diameter and diameter of wire rope and pulley diameter and the ratio of the diameter of wire rope, so narrowing the machine structure and self-respect. (5) to optimize the design of the gear to improve the bearing capacity of the gear. Gear can use 40 cr or 42 CRMN, 40 MNB material, conditioning and surface hardening treatment or nitride, the original 20 crmnti or 20 mntib material while in bending strength and contact strength of gear is ideal, but influenced by domestic base level of processing, low gear machining precision, carburizing and quenching heat treatment deformation is difficult to control, after the sequence and no gear grinding process, unavoidably exist large gear noise, low efficiency of faults. The new material and heat treatment method has been popularized in many domestic manufacturers. In addition, the use of hard tooth surface and the matching of hard-toothed surface meshing gear pair, high-speed gear shaving process, gear helix Angle around 12 ~, these are the effective ways to improve gear transmission stability. Gear box, box cover structure design should be conducive to the absorption of noise and vibration reduction, transmission shaft promise to improve precision grade. (6) motor with 2, 4, 6, conical rotor motor to apply all kinds of different working conditions. The motor insulation class levels should be raised to F and 11, protection grade up to IP54. Motor overheating protection device Settings; Hong Kong lottery company, the design should consider to improve the useful power of the motor, lottery company, step down and up, braking ability; Improve the temperature rise of the motor design, the Hong Kong lottery, give full play to the potential of the motor; Motor noise in addition to the design, processing, manufacturing to improve on accuracy, the football game, also should consider design on electromagnetic noise reduction and air duct vortex noise measures. Motor design should also follow the principle of work level division, improve use single purpose. (7) to increase electric protection measures, aside from the protection of the upper and lower limit, should add the overload protection of underload protection (individual cases); Fault phase, lack of phase, the loss of pressure protection; Hook the rope off protection. Development more braking function models such as: double brake (motor conical wheel brake + high-speed shaft compensation brake); Three brake (conical wheel brake braking + + high-speed shaft compensation on safety brake drum). According to user's need to increase the lifting height and load digital display function. (8) and high wear resistance, high strength guide line equipment guide rope guide line performance has been the domestic many enterprises to explore production electric hoist, at present, domestic had mastered some successful experience. (9) other parts such as hook, such as car design should consider group sex and versatility. (1) improve the quality of accessories such as wire rope standard parts, bearings, etc. Improve the contactor (11), transformers and other electronic components of mechanical and electrical life of life, the appearance of electric cabinet design should be considered and the hoist plug body coordination. (12) pay attention to paint, packing and so on the appearance quality of the machine.
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