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Crane electric hoist is not designed with electric hoist
2013-12-28 by xiugai
Crane Electric Hoist is not designed with electric hoist, electric hoist, crane manufacturers, with very good quality of electric hoist cranes, electric hoist crane is a kind of hoisting machinery, is a kind of circulation, intermittent movement of the machine. A work cycle including: fetch up the items from the fetch, lowered level and then move to the designated place, then reverse movement, to return the fetch device in situ, for the next cycle. Electric hoist crane according to the classification consists of single-beam crane, single beam suspension crane, double girder crane, wall line of crane, jib crane. Electric hoist single-girder crane electric hoist single-girder crane consists of electric hoist, beam, the cart and the car, drive electrical and electronic equipment, steel structure for domestic girders, and in the past dozen years to provide Chinese customers thousands of various industrial cranes. Can be above the rectangle area and its operation, used in the place such as workshop, warehouse, open storage of goods loading and unloading, a beam crane, Bridge crane, gantry crane, cable crane, vehicle bridge, etc. Shanghai engineering electric hoist single-girder crane
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